High speed hand dryers, for high performance washrooms

As the name suggests, Dolphin Velocity hand dryers leave conventional models trailing far behind - efficiently drying up to 80% faster, while saving energy and significantly improving hygiene.

The secret of their extreme rapidity and energy-efficiency is our advanced "Sweetspot" design, which also delivers outstanding performance in terms of space-saving and reduced noise levels.

Intelligent versatility? That's something else we've designed into the range, with a wide variety of surface-mounted, recessed or behind-mirror options - enabling you to create exactly the washroom you have in mind.

Velocity Products

Dolphin High-Speed Velocity Behind-Mirror Hand Dryer

velocity BC2003-BM
Hand Dryer - BC2002W

Private: Dolphin High-Speed Economy Hand Dryer

velocity BC2002W

Dolphin High-Speed Velocity Hands-in Hand Dryer

velocity BC2012