Alavo in focus

Alavo. A new solution to an age old problem

Alavo is a modular system developed for all types of applications, with input from our clients, architects, designers, contractors and facilities staff.

Alavo saves on design and installation. Everything is fully integrated, including clever extras not available until now.

Water Saving
Drying (seconds)
Foam Soap Tank (Shots)

Alavo has been designed to offer outstanding water, energy, space, time & money savings

It is a complete solution for locations where excellent/outstanding/platinum BREEAM, LEED or SKA ratings are being sought by the client.


The system is designed to ensure all water services are fully accessible for future maintenance by just unlocking the mirror flaps.

Can be supplied with any of the following:

  • Circulating hot water loop
  • Trace heating compatibility
  • Point of use heating facility
  • TMV3 thermostatic valves
  • Single cold water feed

Hygienic and easy to use infrared sensor tap outlets delivering a water saving of up to 65%.


Automatic foam soap dispensers dispensing a pre-measured quantity of foam soap when the hand is passed beneath the sensor.

3.5 litre cartridge foaming soap refill pack (4 x 3.4 litre cartridge)

Approx. 10,000 shots per cartridge (40,000 shots per pack)

‘Soap low’ LED warning light illuminates on the mirror to warn the cleaning team that refilling is required in the near future.

Access for regular consumable replenishment is a key benefit of the system, all accessed by unlocking the mirror flap.

Single point foam soap refilling (available from any cleaning sundries supplier).

Paper towels easily refilled through top loading dispenser (available from any cleaning sundries supplier.

View soap here


High velocity hand dryers which dry hands in as little as 13 seconds.

Use up to 70% less energy than more conventional hand dryers.

Connect into the electrical busbar running through the system enabling ease of replacement or interchange between paper towel dispensers if required.


The system is available for communal washrooms where there are several basin positions in a run, and is also available as a ‘supaloo’ version with a single tap position.

A maximum of 8 tap positions can be connected into the single electrical and water connection.

The system is designed to work with tap spacings of 600mm, 750mm and 900mm.

Hinged mirror flaps on the modular system are 1000mm high to ensure safe and ease of use by maintenance and cleaning teams, and for Supaloo system are normally 800mm high to enable access in restricted spaces.

The modularity of the system enables a streamlined production space, however there are several ways to make it work with your space.

Electrical Controls

Control panel with RCD breakers requiring one incoming electrical feed.

All transformers, circuit boards, and LED controls are contained in one location All site connections are made with a ‘plug and play’ connection system.


Durable, energy efficient LED strip lighting which is ecologically friendly and operates in extremely hot or cold temperatures.

LED lighting delivers excellent light dispersal at low voltage and can be adjusted to a colour of your choice.