We are committed to our products having minimum impact upon the global environment and considering a building’s users’ wellbeing. To that end, we fully support clients and projects which look to obtain and achieve sustainable building standards including BREEAM, WELL, SKA and LEED.

Dolphin products can contribute to water and energy efficiency, noise reduction, sanitation and hygiene credits across the applicable sustainability certifications.

Our team of washroom experts are able to advise on the key credits/areas that can be achieved or count towards certifications in relation to specifying or installing our products within a building. We are always happy to come and discuss your unique project sustainability and building performance considerations.



Dolphin Solutions’ products support efficient water consumption and therefore the potential water savings by meeting the defined flow rates of BREEAM which reflect the highest performance levels set out in the standard (4/5).


Washrooms are featured in a number of the WELL concepts including Air, Water, Nourishment and Community. Dolphin Solutions’ products contribute to WELL’s scoring with hygiene being a focus for almost all of our products and our expertise in accessibility allowing for inclusive and compliant design.


Dolphin Solutions manufacture and supply a wide range of low flow and shut off taps which meet the criteria for Ska rating. Our water management software, the Dolphin Inform App provides additional points for this rating by analysing, reporting and communicating meaningful water management information to achieve water use savings.

Dolphin hand dryers meet all the Ska rating criteria for energy consumption, nominal power output, drying time, motor speed and standby power level.


LEED’s ‘efficiency first’ approach to water and energy consumption to building defines criteria which Dolphin’s products conform to as standard. Our products contribute to points across the categories for Water Efficiency and Energy and Atmosphere.



The WELL Standards were launched to promote the health and wellbeing of people in their own environment.The certification can be awarded to buildings that offer a healthy environment for the people that live and work there, using architectural solutions to do so. During 2014 the launch of WELL Standards v1 took place and was then followed by the WELL Standards v2, in 2018, which expanded on the 10-concept structure.

With 30 countries recognising the WELL Standards as a guide for building and refurbishments, Dolphin’s washroom consultants can advise on both design and product selection to meet and exceed the concept’s standards.

Of the total 10 WELL Standards’ concepts, which each have performance requirements to meet, there are 4 which are related to washroom facilities:

  • Air – Washroom facilities that limit exposure to indoor air pollutants which can impact individual’s health (Filtration systems, ventilation and smoke- free environments).
  • Community – Designing washrooms that enable all individuals to thrive in their environment (Installation of grab rails and DOC packs for accessibility).
  • Nourishment – Large sinks, disposable soap dispensers and hand dryers to ensure hygiene levels are kept high.
  • Water – Provides hydration and sanitation, ensuring control of drinking water, as well as supplying soap dispensers and high-quality water to prevent the spread of bacteria during hand washing.

Talk to a Dolphin consultant for advice on which products meet these requirements and learn about the products our development team are introducing, specifically to meet the WELL certification as it becomes more and more relevant.

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