With the continuous emergence of new standards in quality and performance, the introduction of new materials and techniques, and the constant evolution in science and technology, the range of possibilities to substantially improve on its massive line of washroom essentials and solutions have enormously expanded for Dolphin.

Today, drawing on Dolphin’s expertise, our architects and designers proactively research, explore, and identify other criteria for realising both aesthetic and functional features for the Dolphin product range with substantial consideration on care and user benefits across various colours, textures, finishes and specialty coatings.

The Elegance of Metal Finishes

Metal finishes in the washroom remains a popular choice for achieving that high-end look and feel, while at the same time ensuring your taps, dispensers, and other accessories will continue to look spanking brand-new for many years.

From stainless steel to rose gold to antique bronze metal finishes combined with innovative washroom solutions, such as our very own Alavo, create that elegant depth and add a luxurious visual value, invoking that classical charm in your wash area.

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The Beauty of Powder Coatings

Providing one of the best lifecycle cost breakdowns of nearly any washroom material on the market, powder coating finishes is the ideal choice if you’re looking for specialty coatings that will add a beautiful layer of protection to your taps and other washroom accessories.

With powder resin particles acting as metal laminates defending your taps from water saturation and discoloration, a powder coat finish allows you to add spectacular colors and patterns while adding strength to those taps without leaving any solvents or binding chemicals that prove harmful to the environment.

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The Charm of PVD Coating

Taps, dispensers, and other washroom accessories in PVD coating (physical vapour deposition) finish continue to be a growing trend. Loved by architects and designers the world over, PVD coating was originally developed to create hard-wearing, tarnish-, and corrosion-resistant finish on metal elements in the automotive and marine industries for high-performance applications.

Today, PVD coating finishes have become increasingly popular in the interiors and design work as they provide elegant metallic finish, offering a more durable alternative to other coating finishes in affordable price ranges, while having much consideration for sustainability and environmental responsibility for not containing any toxic byproducts.

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